Friday, June 20, 2008

Putting Ukraine Behind Us and Moving Forward

Well, we received our money from our Ukraine facilitator this evening - praise God! Thanks to everyone who lifted us up in your prayers because this was a huge relief for us. It is wonderful to know that we can move forward in our adoption journey and leave our Ukraine worries behind us. The first half of our journey taught us a lot about each other, other people, and most of all - to rely on God.

We are so relieved to know that we no longer have to tangle with our facilitator. I'm sure he's just as glad to be done with our family as we are to be done with him. I only wish that Ukraine would do more to unite forever families. Our prayers will forever be with the orphans of Ukraine.


Jane said...

I am glad you finally got your money back. Now you can truly move on

Anonymous said...

I really wish you could come back to Ukraine! Right now I have 5 couples that adopted kids under 4. It is possible!!!! Yuri